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(:Position:PhD student:)
(:comment End:2021:)
(:comment Email:???:)
(:comment Address:#only if not the ISPR building#:)
(:comment Phone:#+33 (0)4 73 40 ?? ??#:)
(:Supervisors:[[GaliezC|+]], Olivier François:)
(:Topics:Metagenomic data, variational autoencoder, dimensionality reduction,  optimal transport:)
(:Skills:Machine learning, deep learning, Python, R:)

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!!!Research topic

I want to develop data-driven methods to simulate ecological communities under observed environmental conditions, and quantify the shift in composition of ecosystems caused by a change of an environmental variable such as temperature.
The goal is to combine machine learning and bioinformatic techniques with genomic data to analyze global biodiversity and simulate its response to environmental changes.

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